Prevention: Our Main objective in Mathilda Dental Care is to prevent dental and gum problems rather than treating them. In this respect routine dental checkup examination, X-Rays and cleaning of teeth and gums are of utmost importance. Also, updating the medical history and reviewing oral hygiene instructions will help to achieve this. For children under the age of 14, the application of fluoride gel to the teeth and for the adults if deemed necessary will help fortify teeth against dental cavities.

Tooth Decay: Although with current achievement in preventive measures against tooth decay reduce the need to repair, this area is still an important part contributing to dental health. Routine examinations and X-Rays will help to identify these problems before the start of a toothache. Usually, teeth will not start aching until there are a significant amount of damage to them.

Gum Problem: Like teeth decay, this part of dental problems will not bother until a significant amount of supporting bone structure destruction happens. This is the main cause of tooth loss in adults over the age of 40. Like tooth decay, the germs are the main responsible agents, therefore the early detection and prevention is of extreme importance.

Cosmetic Dentistry: A healthy and natural smile help building confidence and comfort as much as it helps function of the teeth. In Mathilda Dental Care, tooth colored fillings, Veneers and bonding procedures and bleaching of the teeth will help to achieve this goal.

Crown and bridge: In some occasions of severe damage to the tooth, When conventional restorative measures are not effective, crowns(caps) are being utilized to protect the whole structure of the tooth.Bridges are being made to cover the area of the previously removed tooth and make chewing easier for patients.

Dentures: With the help from a skillful and reputable local laboratory, we are trying to bring the smile back to our patients who lost their teeth due to different circumstances. Reline and repair of the dentures is only one of the services performed by Mathilda Dental Care to ensure the comfort and fit for existing dentures.

Oral Surgery: Although all the effort in Mathilda Dental Care revolves around preserving the teeth, in cases reflect otherwise, removal of the teeth may be the only logical choice. Most of the tooth extractions and minor surgeries will be done in our facility. However, with the cooperation with one of the most well-known oral surgeons in this area, more complicated cases will be resolved.

Root Canal Therapy: This procedure will give the patient the choice of saving the tooth from extraction by removal and treatment of the infected tissues in the nerve canal. Like Oral Surgery, most of the root canal therapies is done in our office. In rare occasions, with the help from experienced endodontists, we can help our patients save their teeth.