Mehran Mohsenian, D.D.S.

243 S. Mathilda Ave.                                  Telephone
Sunnyvale, CA. 94086                               408-736-9300

Crown and bridge: In some occasions of sever
damage to the tooth, When conventional
restorative measures are not
effective,crowns(caps) are being utilised to
protect the whole structure of the tooth.

Bridges are being made to cover the area of
previously removed tooth and make chewing
easier for patients.

Dentures: With the help from a skillful and
reputable local laboratory,we are trying to bring
the smile back to our patients who lost their teeth
due to different circumstances. Reline and repair
of the dentures is only one of the services
performed by Mathilda Dental Care to insure the
comfort and fit for existing dentures.

Oral Surgery: Although all the effort in Mathilda
Dental Care revolve around preserving the teeth,
in cases reflect otherwise,removal of the teeth
may be the only logical choice. Most of tooth
extractions and minor surgeries will be done in
our facility. However with the cooperation with
one of the most well known oral surgeons in this
area, more complicated cases will be resolved.